Durable Labels Stock

Custom labels for rough environments need to be made out of durable, waterproof, weatherproof, abrasion-resistant material. If they are not durable, any of these factors: freezing temperature, chemicals, condensation, rough handling, etc. can ruin your label stock or smudge the printed information.

Label stock is chosen according to your specific needs and it is usually the best to consult your printing press expert when deciding on the label stock. Some of the questions to ask yourself are:

Vinyl and polyester are probably the most durable label materials, but there are many other material types as well.

Here are some of the most common durable label materials. Most other durable materials are derived from these.

Protective lamination

No matter how durable the label stock, lamination is always recommended for durable labels. Lamination is a layer of plastic coating that is melted and applied over the label facestock. Its purpose is to offer additional protection against environmental factors. Lamination can improve the visual aspect of the label, creating contrast between the label elements (background and ink). Lamination can be glossy, semi-glossy or matte. A clear, ultra-glossy polyester film is a good choice of lamination if you want ultra protection for your durable label.