Durable Labels Size, Shapes and Color Options

If you want custom durable labels, you can choose however you want them to look, and they can be die-cut into the desired label shape. If you want stock durable labels, they can be circle, oval, square, rectangle, or some other special shape.

Durable labels can be any size you want: as small as 2 x 2 inches, or extremely large (for labels that need to convey a lot of information). You can consult a printing press of your choice for advice on dimensions.

The color of your label also depends on the printing press. Most printing is done following the CMYK technology or Pantone coloring system. CMYK is a system of combining four basic colors – cyan (blue), magenta (pink), yellow and black to derive other colors. However, not all colors can be derived from CMYK, and in that case a customer can choose any of over 1000 colors from the Pantone system.

The choice and number of colors on a label should also be the subject of careful consideration and discussion with the printing press.