Durable Labels Overview

Some products require durable labels. Durable means resistant to harsh conditions a label could be exposed to, and suitable for application on difficult surfaces.

Harsh conditions include extremely low or high temperatures (indoors or outdoors), chemical solvents, gas and oil, moisture, rough handling during shipping (tearing, scratching, scuffing), repeated handling, etc. A lot of labels have a certain life-span and it’s usually not longer than several months or a year. After this period their ink fades, or they easily fall off the product, get torn, etc. Durable labels, even if not designed specifically to withstand harsh conditions, are meant to last longer than regular (paper) labels. Some extra durable labels for industrial and commercial application are meant to last as long as the product.

Difficult products for label application are products or packages with rough, moist or oily surfaces, with unusual shapes, and made from difficult materials like painted steel, wood, etc.

Durable labels are used in many businesses and for many purposes. They can be used for:

There is no industry where ONLY durable labels can be used. Their application is required depending on the shipping and storing conditions.

Having in mind these factors, it is important to carefully consider label stock and adhesive for durable label production.